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Wanted  -  Locking Door Handle.

Believed to be commercially available in the 1940/50’s

These handles were used on many Australian manufactured bodies

and were available ‘over the counter’ for what ever car body you were building.


               contact Rick Cove 0401 278 238                                                    




1978 HZ Statesman De Ville

Click for Link

                         Contact Mike: M. 0429 818 851   
                A Classic when New and still a Classic Now!   
308 V8 Motor (Re Build Pushrod version) with 3 Speed
T 400
Automatic Transmission and fitted with Radial Tuned Suspension,
Air Cond, Disc Brakes, Heater, Radio/Cassette,
Windup Windows

WOW!!                                                                                            15/11/2018                      



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Wish you had that elusive spare part for your project??

Please Contact Web Admin lcrawford404@gmail.com


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whole or part of Victoria, the person must include in the advertisement the cash price
of the motor car, and which ever of the following is applicable
(a) The registration number; or(b) The engine number of the vehicle; or
The chassis number of the vehicle; or  The vehicle identification number (if any)
last assigned to the vehicle; or if none of those numbers are reasonably ascertainable,
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